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About RescueBet

Whether you are a novice or an experienced bettor, you must be aware of the risks involved in betting! This is where RescueBet steps in! We can help you minimize your betting risks with the help of online bettor rebate programs.

RescueBet.com was founded in 2018 with the aim of rebating losses by partnering with betting companies to provide our punters no lose betting offers. We are not a betting company! But we help the punters get access to risk-free betting sites for a safe and fun-filled gambling experience!

RescueBet is an online rebate system that can help you during online trading and betting. We will also help you to recover the losses by offering you the benefit we get from revenue sharing, in turn converting these profits to your advantage, in the form of cashback and betting rebates.

We’re the first and only betting, cashback and losses rebates loyalty program. We use betting companies’ revenue sharing, CPA, commission, bonuses, company equity funding and website advertising revenue to make 100% cash back possible for all our members, so they can recover losses and benefit from our cashback and betting rebates.

With the help of our extensive member database and partnership with trustworthy partners, we can reach out to the selected professional tipsters and strike a great deal of loyalty, losses rebate for our members.

We are now proud partners with more than 35+ ventures from these disciplines:

How do we work?

1. Visitors sign up for an account at RescueBet and set up their profile and withdrawal wallets.

2. Then they sign up with a partner betting company.

3. Once you win, you can directly make a withdrawal from the betting company.  

4. If you lose, we will help you recover from the loss. The amount you lose will get converted into points and get deposited in your RescueBet Points Wallet.

5. Daily 0.005% of the points will be converted to cash.

6. Cash can be withdraw through Paypal / Skrill / Neteller / Debit Card / Bank Transfer.

What is rescuebet

RescueBet is one of its kind site that makes it easy to minimize losses through lose rebate programs for high rollers.

Our Vision

We want to disrupt the industry by building a community of smart punters. To be honest, not all punters able to fully use what most betting companies offer such as bonuses, cash back and rewards. Additionally, betting companies have all these hidden from standard members, like VIP rewards.

RescueBet will get all these deals with the power of our extensive member database and convert it to simple rebates.