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Getting Started On RescueBet

Getting Started On RescueBet


Asher K / September 15,2018

There are a few things in this world as high stakes as betting. It can either encompass a huge profit, or a crippling loss. Every year, this massive industry sees billions of dollars in losses. It is a risky field t involve yourself in, no doubt. If you’re an avid punter or plans to be, you will, at some point or the other, experience some money losses.

But how do the likes of “risk-free betting” sound, where you never have to fret about losing any money? Appears to be impossible. Almost perfect, utopian even.

Seems too good to be true? Here at RescueBet, this is exactly what we offer. We firmly believe that no betting enthusiast ever has to go through the stress of potential defeat, so we have devised the perfect solution so that you never have to worry about losses again.

Who are we and what we do?

RescueBet is a discovery & loyalty digital platform unlike any other, devoted to creating a safe space for punters. We do this by making sure all betting losses are compensated by offering our members up to a 100% rebate. As of today, no other online platform offers these services, making us, the first of our kind! No matter what your preference is, be it horse racing, poker football, or even online trading, RescueBet is perfect for you.

How does RescueBet work?

We know that a 100% rebate on betting losses may sound a little unbelievable, so here’s how we make this possible. We are an affiliate of some partner companies, with whom we have a revenue sharing based relationship. To break this down, each time we send over one of our registered users to one of our partners to sign up, use the services they offer and place a bet, we get a sum of money in return. We then use this money to give our users up to a 100% rebate on your losses.

This creates the perfect ménage à trois, the best possible solution for everyone – you, our partners, and us.

How to become a member?

The process is as easy as ever and completely free. You need nothing except for a working email ID and phone number. Just head on over to our website, hit subscribe, fill out the all the details, confirm your subscription with us by clicking the link we email you, and voila, you’re now eligible for rebates! The entire process shouldn’t take you more than a minute. Next, take a look at our partner's page, and start betting with one of them to claim your rebates on all capital losses.

As of now, we are proud to say that we are tied up with over 30 companies that offer 30%, 50% and up to 100% worth of rebates. We offer our members a diverse range of online betting and trading companies to choose from, and this number is only going to keep growing.