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How To Get Rewards When Betting?

How To Get Rewards When Betting?


JC Lim / August 10,2018

With thousands of online betting websites and the stiff competition between them, bookies are continually trying their level best to attract new punters, as well as retain their old ones. Since most bettors are registered with multiple platforms, bookmakers must make sure that they offer their customers the best deals and offers, to incentivize individuals to place their bets with them.

One way the bookies do this is by offering their users rewards for engaging with their website. Here are some you should look out for when you’re scouting for the next avenue to place your bets, to make sure you walk away with more than just your wager winnings.


  1. Sign up bonuses - Most, if not all online bookmakers offer a plethora of bonuses to first-time customers. With each platform trying to outdo the other, sign up bonuses can be very cost-effective.
  1. Deposit Bonuses - Deposit bonuses are relatively common too. A deposit bonus is when the website adds a certain amount of money to your account if you make a particular deposit. For example, if you add $50 to your registered betting account, they might add another $25, giving you a total of $75 to bet with. Some sites match your stake.
  1. Rebates - Several bookies, as well as rewards platforms, offer a punter up to a 100% cash back on losses, especially if the better is a new customer.
  1. Referral offers - Online betting platforms will reward you, most likely with a referral code, if you share or promote a website with a particular amount of people, or on social media. This can range from an Instagram mention to a Facebook post. These codes can be used to avail some exciting offers, depending on the website. Some even give you a finder’s fee if you manage to bring in new customers to their website, and they make a deposit.
  1. Loyalty rewards - Some bookmakers offer their long-time customers with many bonuses – cash-backs, discounts, access to premium content, etc. The longer you bet with them, the more lucrative the offer.
  1. Points - Points can be accumulated in various ways – by placing bets, winning, etc. Once you have enough points, they can be exchanged or used to unlock certain features, or be traded for something else, etc.
  1. VIP Programs - Some bookmakers have VIP programs. For a small price or an adequate number of points, you will be offered a range of perks that are unavailable to non-VIP members. A few platforms provide multi-tier programs, with the offers getting more exciting and lucrative as you level up.
  1. Special Bonuses - These bonuses, like its name, would apply, aren’t offered all the time. They are applicable only during certain occasions or events, such as particular tournaments, like the Wimbledon, or a specific time of the year, like Christmas.

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