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How To Attract New Customers And Retain Old Clients?

How To Attract New Customers And Retain Old Clients?


JC Lim / October 06,2018

Below are some tips you could use to make sure that you keep your customers, while simultaneously gaining a few.


  1. Offer them something new - If a new punter chances upon your website, odds are that they’ve already visited other booking websites, and are maybe even registered to a few. One way to make sure that they don’t click off is to offer them an experience that no other bookie does. All the way from a unique user interface to attractive incentives, try your best to set yourself apart from others in the market, giving them a reason to stay.
  1. More Options - A large number of options is always a plus point. Provide your user the choice to pick from various types of bets, with different price ranges. Offer a variety of rewards and bonuses, and try your best to cater to a novice, amateur bettors, as well as experienced ones.
  1. Offer expert advice - Another way to build as well as retain loyalty is to foster trust. To make sure you are a reliable bookie, you could provide, or hire someone to offer your customers with tips, odds, statistics, and guidance to ensure they have a high chance of winning. Suggestions to save money, to improve their betting strategy, are all much appreciated.
  1. Update your content - People are easily bored, and no one likes stale content. Since change is the only constant, it is integral to update always what you put into your sports booking website. Provide your punters with the latest information and statistics, and this will help you create a reliable brand. Listen to your audience carefully, and implement the changes that they want to see.
  1. Stay active on social media - Social media is a great way to connect with new customers, as well as maintain a dialogue with your current ones. Facebook and even blogs are convenient mediums to promote your site, post updates, and information, as well as interact with your punters and find out what they want. 
  1. Maintain transparency - Be honest and put your user’s needs before you’re your own, and they will come back to you. Make sure the information you provide is authentic and well researched.
  2. Advertise - Advertising, especially targeted advertising through affiliate links could help with bringing in new users.
  1. Be user-friendly -Make sure that your website is optimized for the best user experience, allowing users to navigate through it with ease. Get rid of dead links, use images and videos, cut down on the number of banners and pop-ups, and making your site mobile friendly and you’ll be sure to rake in new customers, as well as keep the old ones.
  1. Stay in touch - It is essential to stay in touch with your punters, and creating an email, SMS or online messaging board is a handy way to do so. You can send out mass messages with all the new updates and offers, making sure they don’t forget you.
  1. Search Engine Optimization - Making sure that your website is optimized to search engine algorithms will increase your traffic by leaps and bounds. By using appropriate keywords, tags, a variety of multimedia, and improving the overall quality of your website, search engines will prioritize it over others, raking it higher on search result pages.


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