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RescueBet Referral Program

RescueBet Referral Program


Asher K / September 01,2018

RescueBet is an online discovery & loyalty digital platform that provides our members up to a 100% rebate on all capital betting losses. A user can avail their rebate by placing their bets with any of our multiple partners, who span across a wide range of options - poker, soccer, football, online trading, etc.

Apart from lucrative rebates, RescueBet also offers its members an attractive referral program. This is probably one of the easiest ways anyone could make a profit. You can earn a cash bonus, just by telling your friends and family about us. This would not only be beneficial to you but to us as well because you’re helping us grow! Since we genuinely take loyalty and dedication very seriously, if you bring in traffic to our website, and your actions result in a new RescueBet member, you will be rewarded. Any time you take out of your life to promote our business will not go unnoticed.

All you need to do to be eligible for our Referral program is register with us. After this, you will have the opportunity to share our services with your contacts. When a new user uses the code/link?? that we provided you with while registering with us, you will be compensated for your efforts, and you can withdraw this money directly from us.

One good way of getting out there is social media. Something as simple as one Facebook post, a twitter update or an Instagram mention can generate a lot of attention. Social media platforms are great for getting the word out to a large number of people.

Blogs, especially ones that deal with similar content, and email, are particularly great for targeting a niche audience, people who you know for sure have a proclivity for betting, those who have a higher chance of actually following through.

RescueBet, due to the number of partner companies, has an extensive variety of choices for them to pick from, and we’re only going to get bigger and better from this day forward. Furthermore, if an individual registers with us using the referral link/code you shared, they will be given a cash bonus as well.

So go on, spread the word amongst your friends and family, and tell them to do the same. Help us create a better, more secure world for bettors, and build a family of smart punters, who can rely on us to make sure that they are compensated for any losses that will inevitably occur.