United Gaming Sportsbook 50% welcome bonus
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United Gaming 50% Welcome Bonus
UG gaming 50% Welcome Bonus

For new member making first deposit to UG Gaming sportsbook wallet, we giving out 50% welcome bonus up to USD500. Spend your bonus to bet on sports events offered by UG Gaming.

Promotion Requirement:
  • Only for first deposit
  • Only for UG Gamingsportsbook wallet
  • Player required to select promotion when making deposit
  • 30x rollover requirements
Promotion Terms & Conditions:

  1. 50% Welcome Bonus only valid for new register member’s first time deposit.
  2. This promotion is only for UG Gaming sportsbook wallet.
  3. Only valid for all games offered by UG Gaming.
  4. Member are required to select this promotion when depositing for the first time into UG Gamingsportsbook wallet.
  5. Minimum deposit amount of USD10 is required to qualify for this new member 50% welcome bonus up to USD500.
  6. Each member may claim this bonus for once (1) time only.
  7. This promotion is restricted to one (1) member, one (1) account. If members are found have more than one account with the same ip address and etc. under any circumstances, Rescuebet has the right to hold, cancel or forfeit the given Bonus.
  8. Members are required to fill in their real full name and bank account number. The credit will be forfeited if members are found provided a mismatch name between the full-name and bank account holder’s name.
  9. Members are required to fulfil the 30x rollover requirement prior to withdrawal or transfer money to other product.
  10. This promotion balance cannot transfer to other product wallets.