Inplay Matrix is currently the leading provider of iGaming products and services in Asia. The leading provider now brings to you IMEsports, a leading esportsbook platform developed by Esports professionals. The platform is designed for esports bettors with their needs kept in mind. This makes it convenient for punters to make a wager on an easy to use interface with user experience at the heart of it. We’ve seen significant growth in esports gaming over the years. And while the demand for more competitions and games are on the rise and being met, we’ve also noticed a rise in the demand for Esports betting. However, with esports betting, there exists a significant gap in the industry in two forms.

First, very few providers cater to esports betting, and second, the ones that do have limited scope with respect to what providers are willing to give punters (as compared to other well-established betting options). This can be in the form of limits, for example, or players resorting to Esports skin betting.


IMEsports Key Features

Esports betting is a quickly growing sub-industry within the online gaming industry. And IMEsports helps bridge the gap that customers are looking for when it comes to esports betting by giving them unrivaled betting options, features, upper betting limits, and in-play bets as well.  

Some of the key features members get while betting with IMEsports include:

  1. Combo markets - punters can now bet on unique combos that aren’t common, but it gives bettors an additional option to do so. Just as is the case with most other sports that offer an extensive range of combo markets, IMEsports offers unique combo markets on Esports bets.
  2. Wide range of games - IMEsports strives to provide a catalog of several popular esports games that punters can bet on. Some of these games include League of Legends, CS: GO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive), DOTA 2, Rocket League, Overwatch, PUBG, FIFA, and more. Bettors can now switch from skin betting and skin betting sites to esports gambling for real money, legitimately.
  3. Live streaming in-play bets - With the help of live streaming, Esports punters can now make instant in-play bets. This gives bettors the added advantage of watching live streams of the matches and make informed bets at the click of a button.
  4. Highest bet limit - IMEsports has the highest bet limit in the world. That’s right! In the World. High-rollers looking to make a killing of a single bet or on multiple bets at once can do so with a high bet limit on offer.
  5. Customized integration - Members have the option of endless possibilities with customized integration. Members can choose to integrate the platform on mobile applications or web-based as well as with odds feed. Android, Windows, and IOS are operating systems that are supported by IMEsports.
  6. Supported Languages - Members have the option of selecting a preferred language from several language options with more languages integrated on a continuous basis. Some of the languages that members can operate the platform with are English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.
  7. Supported Currencies - Members also have the option of making deposits and withdrawals in a currency of their choice from a range of acceptable currencies. This includes deposits and withdrawals made in Chinese Yuan, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar,  Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit and so much more.

New Member Bonus

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