Live Casino Provider SunBet

Even with betting legalization in this digital age, land-based casinos are growing painfully slow or haven’t been growing at all. Because of the rise in online and live casinos across the globe, bettors can now enjoy the convenience and perks of a land-based casino without most, if not all, of the negatives that come along with it. Rescuebet now brings a fully immersive live casino experience to your smartphones and systems. With a wide range of live casino games, members now have the option of signing up with the platform and betting with various gaming partners. Members can sign up on the platform and gain access to one of Rescuebet’s partner–Sunbet.


SunBet Live Casino

SunBet is Asia’s leading developer of live casino and live casino dealer games established in 2010. These online casino games are designed for Asian customers but are gaining popularity on a global scale. SunBet currently services more than 700 clients and around 1000 brands located across the globe. Casino gamers looking for an all in one casino gaming experience can avail of SunBet games on RescueBet’s platform. SunBet Casino gives users access to customized casino games such as baccarat, live baccarat, mini-baccarat, live blackjack, and more. While most casino gamers would have some experience playing these games at a land-based casino, their online counterparts are gaining popularity among bettors. 


SunBet Key Features

Some of the critical features members get when signing up with the RescueBet platform to access various features include:

  1. Live Streaming - Members get to enjoy live access to games through high-quality, uninterrupted streams. All one would need is a good ISP, and a user can adjust their video quality based on their need. Users also get to pick custom designs and graphics based on their gaming preferences. Thus, a user’s gaming experience is enhanced by giving users a high degree of customization for their streams.  
  2. Variety of Casino Games - The platform features several casino games for customers to choose from. Each type of casino game features different objectives ranging from SunBet slot games, reel-based games, fishing games, and more. Games such a live blackjack and live baccarat features live attractive and professional dealers delivering an authentic casino experience. Players also have the option of using the in-game live chat feature to interact with other players and the dealer in due course of a game.
  3. Table Games - Based on a user’s preference, they can make a wager on six different tables simultaneously. A member also has three different bet ranges to choose from with one option in the low-bet range, one choice in the mid-bet range, and the last option in the high-bet range. This gives members more leverage over their trades and the bets they make.
  4. Integrated Platform - This enables customers to access the SunBet mobile platform from anywhere in the globe with the touch of a button. A member can access the platform over the web on a mobile device, a computer, laptop, or tablet device. Members can place a bet without the need to download any software. However, the website also features downloadable gaming software for seamless user experience. Members can also access the platform across various operating systems, including IOS, Windows, and Android.
  5. Languages - Members have the option of accessing the platform, games, and gaming software in a language of their preference. The platform currently supports English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.  
  6. Payment Options - Members also have the option of making deposits and withdrawals in a currency of their choice. The Rescuebet platform supports various international currencies including but not limited to USD, MYR, THB, IDR, VND and much more.