United Gaming provides online gamers with the most immersive entertainment and gaming experience online. The platform operates as a gaming operator and a gaming developer with access to several games and features across several media channels. Punters can now access the United Gaming sportsbook on the Rescuebet platform and gain access to multiple gaming and betting options, features, bonuses, rewards, jackpots, rebates, betting strategies, and more. The Rescuebet platform has also partnered with MaxBet, Big Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Asia Gaming, ESports, EBet, BigGaming, SBOBet, M8Bet, etc., in addition to United Gaming.
Bet On Sports In United Gaming
United Gaming is registered as an online gambling sportsbook company with access to live Keno, live casino games, sports betting, 3D slots, and more. Currently, the platform is home to over 60,000 unique events, 25,000 different sporting events, over 1000 types of bets, and punters get full coverage. United Gaming has been joining G2E Asia since 2016.
United Gaming Features
Some of the key elements of the United Gaming sportsbook in Rescuebet include:
Access To Gaming Options
Punters have access to over 60,000 individual events to bet on across multiple sporting events and types of bets. Punters also have access to bet on sporting events such as football matches in the Premier League, the Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, ISL, ASL, FIFA World Cup, Europa League, Bundesliga, Ligue 2, friendlies, etc.
Betting Markets
Within each game or gaming option, punters gain access to over 1000 different types of betting events within sporting events every week. For example, a punter can bet on both teams to score, an Asian handicap, or the first to score in soccer. Betting markets open up a different avenue for punters to profit on other outcomes that are easier to predict.
Punters gain access to several incentives in the form of promotions on the Rescuebet platform. Punters gain access to one sign up bonus for first time registration, daily bonuses up to every 24 hours, redeposit bonuses for redepositing winnings, and up to 18% rebates on losses on various sporting events each week.
Payment Options
Punters can choose to pay in a payment method universally accepted, such as CitiBank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Bank of China, etc. Punters can even decide to make deposits in bitcoin as an accepted payment method and start gaming.
Optimized For Mobile Gaming
United Gaming develops and designs games optimized for online gaming. Most online gamers use their mobile devices to game more often than not. Punters also can access and play games using an iPad, laptop, computer, etc., with a stable internet connection.
Betting Content
Punters have access to content curated for punters and sports bettors worldwide. Punters can access betting video series, news, blogs, and more on the Rescuebet blog.
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