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LiveCasinoHouse 5.00/5
Date Added : 30/10/2018

100% Rebate

Rebate Facts

RescueBet Members have been getting rebate since 2018. Here's what members have rebated so far from LiveCasinoHouse

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    Members sign up

Tracking Speed How long we need to trace your losing / spending and rebate into points

30 Days

Claim Number of % we will convert your accumulated points to cash daily

0.05% / day

Rebate Detail


RescueBet will track your capital loses of the month and rebate on the amount you lose will be available in points by beginning of next month.


  • Live Casino
  • Online Casino


LiveCasinoHouse bills itself as Asia's top online casino. The brand name is run by Aggregated Enjoyable Inc, signed up in the unique and remote place of Samoa, a little island in the Pacific Sea. As soon as you come to the website, you are greeted with glitzy, glamorous graphics that could quickly be misinterpreted for that of a lingerie site. A host of really appealing busty versions embellish the front web page, enticing gamers with promises of perks, promotions and cost-free play.


  • 100% Rebates

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Japan local bank transfer | China local bank transfer | Vietnam Local Bank Transfer | Thailand Local Bank Transfer | Neteller | Skrill

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Japan local bank transfer | China local bank transfer | Vietnam Local Bank Transfer | Thailand Local Bank Transfer | Neteller | Skrill


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AustraliaHong KongItalyPhilippinesSingaporeUnited KingdomUnited States

Terms of Offer

RescueBet will convert 0.05% of your total points every day to cash.


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